A. H. Louie: Mathematical Biologist

Dr. Aloisius H. Louie is a mathematical biologist. His 1981 PhD thesis topic was on the abstract formulation of categorical system theory in biology. Robert Rosen, then Killam Professor of Biomathematics at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), was his mentor. His other degrees are BSc (1978, Honours Mathematics and Biology) and MA (1979, Pure Mathematics) from the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario, Canada).

Dr. Louie’s research subjects have encompassed abstract formulations, mathematical modelling, and computer simulations of various natural and physical phenomena, including dynamic behaviour of protein molecules, enzyme-substrate recognition, processes of irreversible thermodynamics, human-pollutant interactions, cell biology of senescence, electromagnetics, anticipation, and pathophysiology.

His premier interest, however, remains the epistemological aspects of mathematical biology. His approach to the subject is called ‘relational biology’. He has thus far written two books on the subject: More Than Life Itself: A Synthetic Continuation in Relation Biology [ontos verlag 2009] and The Reflection of Life: Functional Entailment and Imminence in Relational Biology [Springer 2013].



  • Email: ahlouie(at)rogers(dot)com

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